Feed Me – Mordez Moi / Noisia – B.R.U.L. (Vinyl)


“‘Mordez Moi’ was Feed Me’s first ever official release! In those days not a lot of people around us were doing cross genre releases, but we’d just started putting out some electro ourselves on Division so we had the label all set up for it. ‘B.R.U.L.’ is taken from a Dutch verb that roughly means screaming in a low tone. That’s why there’s a shouting girl and two lions on the cover art. Before B.R.U.L. it was called ‘Barbarian’ and it’s very much inspired by Daft Punk’s ‘Rollin’ and Scratchin’.” – Noisia

Pressed on 1 x 12″ vinyl.
Artwork by Nik.

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