Noisia – Split The Atom / Division EP (Digital)


“‘Alpha Centauri’ was once called ‘noisia space intro.mp3’. The riff is based on a synth patch that was made & exported at 172 bpm. We tried to keep it space travel-y throughout, except we accidentally made a very Michael Jackson sounding changeup.

‘Machine Gun’ was written as one of many attempts at a remix (we have
forgotten for what song) which ended up sounding so different it had to be something on it’s own. Fun fact: the main bass sound was made in Synth1, a fantastic free synth by a man called Ichiro Toda.

We’re suckers for disco and funk stuff and more recently french filter house. Those were big influences on ‘Red Heat’ which we tried to combine with our morphy bassline stuff. We initially called it ‘White Heat’, cause that’s actually hotter than red heat, but it just didn’t sound as cool and made us think of Caucasian basketball players too much. And that’s not what the song is about 😀

‘Split the Atom’ started in 2005, as a day of making electro ish synth stab sounds. Then some drums that somehow came out really snappy (no idea how). Then the main groove came together quite quickly, hinging on the rather blunt idea of A/B’ing between electro stabs and d&b bass within one bar.” – Noisia


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