Mefjus – Particles (Digital)


This is Mefjus’s massive ,Particles’ project wrapped up. Aim was to focus on the story of each individual collaboration and reveal a little behind the scenes magic surrounding it.

“The way I grew up, and the way I learnt about drum & bass in the beginning, I always found it super exciting when producers explained how they made tracks, how tracks came together, their techniques. That inspired me to make music myself. It still excites me now if I see something I haven’t seen before from a technical point of view. If I’ve inspired you to do something or write a track or try a different technique then that’s the very best thing I can take from this. This has to be an essential part of what we do; give back to the community and inspire people like we were inspired ourselves.

I want to thank all the artists who’ve joined me on this journey: Camo & Krooked, IMANU, Skeptical, Break, Phace and Noisia. Thanks for being cool with me and being open about your projects.” – Mefjus

Art by Uno


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