Noisia – Outer Edges ∴ Live (Digital)


With no festivals happening, Noisia have released ‘Outer Edges ∴ Live’ – a recording of their AV performance and album. Now available on CD, digital audio and poster.

“This was the most ambitious thing we ever did together: creating an audiovisual show around our own album, ‘Outer Edges‘. It meant building an audiovisual instrument first (with Roy yfxlab, Merijn Kijkbuiskinderen and Manuel and thén a show to perform on that instrument. Everything synced, but controlled live, to create one cohesive experience. It was a lot of work, and a lot of stress – especially when the actual album leaked and we found out minutes before going on stage to perform it for the first time – but it is something we are still very proud of. The visuals were all custom made, a lot of them by Nik himself who VJ’d during the set, Thijs brought a part of his modular setup to jam on stage, and Martijn controlled the flow of the songs through Ableton. It felt like the ultimate way to perform our music.” – Noisia


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