The Upbeats – Not Forever (Vinyl)


– Pressed on 2 x 12″ white vinyl
– Comes with a download card for the 320 kbps MP3s
– Light coloured vinyl can show spots or clouds

New Zealand drum & bass titans The Upbeats have galvanized the last 18 months of global turbulence and turmoil to create their most explorative and emotionally heavy album to date ‘Not Forever’.
Featuring the likes of Fat Freddys Drop frontman Joe Dukie, Jordan Dennis, Levine Lale, Sylvee, Syrene Favero and US MC don Armanni Reign, ‘Not Forever’ is unlike anything the duo has released before. Written in a different way, approached from a different perspective, created with a newfound love for the creative process and the scene at large; It’s a whole new side to the duo who have continually pushed themselves and the sound into the unknown…

Art by: Dohee Kwon

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