Eprom & ZEKE BEATS – Humanoid.rmx


Celebrating the 5th anniversary of ‘Humanoid 2.0’ by Eprom and ZEKE BEATS, we proudly present four remixes by Chee, The Gaslamp Killer & Mophono, Thys and sumthin sumthin.

“Hunanoid 2.0 was a really fun collaboration which started when we were staying at EPROM’s place in Portland a couple years back. The idea came about when we discovered a new ‘text to speech’ VST which had just been released. Whilst eating breakfast we both purchased it and started playing around and we’re hooked immediately. That morning we created the skeleton of the track. We’ve been sitting on this song for a couple of years now and are so stoked it’s finally out. Big ups to Noisia for allowing us to do that.” E&ZB

Artwork by Tom Jager. Humanoid game screen design by Alexander Dennis.